About Us

Bigger Boat is an independent games distribution label. We help indie game developers take their PC, Mac and Linux games to digital stores.

Bigger Boat is part of Surprise Attack Games, an indie games label based in Australia. Surprise Attack was set up with a mission to help amazing creators bring unique games to the world and Bigger Boat is one part of how we do that.

Meet the Crew

Travis – Captain

Most of the time Travis can be found in the crow’s nest looking out for awesome games to recruit for Bigger Boat. He’s also the first on deck whenever there is a sea shanty or rum to be had.

Lex – First Mate

Once you’ve boarded the boat, Lex will look after you. He sets your game up on the stores, organises all the promotions and keeps you across what is going on.

Fiona – Ship’s Steward

Fiona can’t resist the lure of treasure. Fortunately it’s her job to count all the money and provide you with monthly reports and payments, so that worked out well. Fi also keeps the crew stocked up with fruit so we don’t get scurvy.

Steve – Signalman

Steve is our community manager and handles all the social media pushes for Bigger Boat, making sure we’re shouting about any sales promotions and also ensuring our network of you tubers and games media hear about the games on the boat.

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