Post Mortem: One Must Die

A political narrative-adventure. Play as an Agent of Death who must take ONE life that could change the fate of a conflict-torn nation!


Freeform exploration with rich dialogue

What might you learn searching the fundraising gala and talking to patrons? Perhaps the less you know the better?

Meaningful choices and unintended consequences

Can your choice change the fate of a nation? What other result could your meddling have?

Cast of ambitious and influential characters

What if they die? More importantly… what if they live?

Complex setting of violent domestic conflict and industrial revolution

A devastated country – but is it your place to fix it? What if your educated guess is wrong?

Dynamic and surprising ending

The choice is *entirely* up to you – but what other factors may be affecting the outcome?

Online stats to compare your choices with

Anonymous aggregate stats of everyone’s play throughs will let you see how your own choices compare! Are you one of the good guys?


Unbound Creations is an indie video game team lead by Jakub Kasztalski. Jakub is a travelling cinematographer, game programmer and web developer currently living in Los Angeles.

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