• Developer: Warbird Games
  • Platforms: PC, Linux
  • Genre: Adventure, Point and Click
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Jack Houston


In the year 1999, retired test pilot Jack Houston is recruited by the Venture Aeronautics and Space Transportation (VAST) corporation for one last mission: to man the first rocket to venus. His mission is clear: pilot the argon plasma rocket Bimini to venus, take readings and test her systems, then return with a full report for a second crew of explorers.
However, something goes terribly wrong en route and Jack is forced to crash land in an alien ocean. When he awakens, the world he finds is one of ancient ruins, deadly flora, savage beasts and giant tripod robots wielding scorching death rays. He also uncovers a glint of hope deep in the jungle that could be his key to salvation, if only he can harness its power.


  • Familiar verb-coin point-and-click adventure interface.
  • Realistic characters and creatures built as puppets and animated using classic stop motion techniques.
  • Miniature background sets augmented with computer generated lighting, parallaxing and particle effects.
  • Explore the depths of a classic alien jungle planet in the style of retro science fiction with bubble helmets, rockets and ray guns.
  • Interact with creatures and the environment to solve the puzzles that will save Jack from certain peril.
  • Talk to characters and hack computer terminals to uncover the mystery behind Jack’s crash landing and the strangeness that has transpired since.

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