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Steam is the biggest fish in the sea of PC digital distribution. It represents the vast majority of revenue potential for indie developers making PC, Mac or Linux games. However, there are many other stores, and with Steam opening up so much it’s more important than ever to be on as many storefronts as possible.


The challenge is that each of these stores takes significant time to set up and manage. You need legal contracts in place, have to manage communication, set up store pages, push for promotions and sales and then check reports and manage payments coming in. This is all time consuming vs the return for each store. What you need is a bigger boat!


When you sign on to Bigger Boat, we manage the stores you don’t want and handle everything – setting them up, organising promotions, consolidating reports and collecting the money. We’ll also seek out and bring you other commercial opportunities such as bundles. In return we take a small slice of the revenue we generate for you.

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